We are wine lovers from Blatnice under St. Anthony and You…

…can come to us and taste quality wines from the Moravia. We glad to see you.
Come to sit down and chat with friends or just think of with glass of good wine.

Visit Moravia with us

Visit with us Slovácko and take a walk where the sun is connected with Moravian countryside, which gives rise to excellent wine with unrepeatable taste. Get to know and meet the beauty in Blatnice under St. Antony. Taste the wines of truly original quality and flavour (VOC). There are many great wines all around the world. But attempt to be patriotic with us and learn to know and love the beauty and quality of Moravian wine.

You can book a place and you will be sure of a pleasant seating

Events / weddings
With a dulcimer
Rhine Riesling

is an ancient, highly valued wine grape variety designed to produce quality white wines.


Chardonnay is an ancient grape vine variety. Spontaneous hybrid of Pinot and Gouais blanc varieties.

Pinot Blanc

Pinot Blanc is an ancient grape vine variety.
Spontaneous bud mutation.

Pinot Grey

Pinot Gris is an ancient wine grape variety.
Spontaneous bud mutation.